Another Saturday Afternoon

Hi everyone! The one thing missing from this website is the news section so here it is - better late than never. We have been making some headway with getting some gigs. The next one will be at Greenfields in Barhaven and we have been busy getting the word out. There should be a nice eclectic mix of people all of whom enjoy rock music and the talents of Spillback. I know I'm really excited about this gig.

This afternoon was spent at the Bayou. Kinnexa was show casing her "stuff" and brought Chito along for the ride. While the drums and bass were missed the show was fantastic and well received. There are pictures sitting in the gallery so check it out.

Right this minute, the band is in rehearsal and sounding ready for the 8th so hopefully you will make it out. During this gig we will be giving out a t-shirt to our number one fan of the night. Will it be you?

Have a geat day everyone and check back regularly for updated news.


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