Stan's Diner Gig

What can I say about this gig other than wow! Stan's Diner is the one bar we have been in where we felt like part of the family. It's hard to believe that Stan's Diner started off as a chip wagon approximately 25 years ago (one of my friend said he remembered it from that far back but you would have to check the history pages to be sure it was that long ago) and has evolved into what it is today. We actually met Stan! He is a true gentleman.

The patrons welcomed us with open arms and seemed to really enjoy themselves. By the end of the evening the dance floor was packed. It seemed to end way too soon. The evening definitely wasn't work unless you count having fun as working.

We had two birthday stars that evening - Donna and Daryl. They even had a cake at the end of the evening which everyone was invited to sample. Talk about making people feel special!

Thanks again for the great evening and we are really looking forward to the Halloween bash on the 28th at the Diner. Hope to see everyone out - it'll be the place to be.
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