Halloween Party!!

Wow, didn't realize that it was going to be somewhat like a private party as we didn't know that Stan's Diner is usually closed on Saturdays. It was definitely a fun gig! Lots of dancing and costumes galore! I'm the first to admit that Fred Flinstone was kind of freaky - the eyes were in the wrong place! Just after the second act the great folks at Stan's brought out a bunch of finger foods. What a spread! They had sandwiches, fruit, veggies and cheese on top of the bowls of munchies that had been kept full on the tables all night. The dance floor had been decorated perfectly for Halloween with hay bails and corn stalks. They also had the most amazing carved pumpkins. Big thanks also goes to the staff at Stan's Diner. Once again the great folks at Stan's made everyone feel like part of the family! Service was great and the deco was awesome! Thanks again guys.
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