Feargaill at the Royal Oak

Showing their versatility, the Spillback duo, Kinnexa and Chito, performed as "Feargaill", playing Celtic music at the Original Royal Oak on Bank St., St Patrick's Day 2007. Kinnexa used her charms and convinced people to come up and show their talents. They had a stepdancer (boy that girl could move her feet) and the wonderful vocals of an audience member. Thanks to those friends of ours who made it out - makes the gigs even more meaningful. A special thanks to the folks at the Royal Oak. They made the experience even better - they are a great group of folks!

Next gig will be at the Navy Curling Club on Dow's Lake, Ottawa, for the "Curling for a Cure at the Navy" Dinner/Dance, part of the "Weekend to End Breast Cancer" Charity Event.

As we continue our process of finding a replacement for our former drummer, Peter Daigle, Spillback will have the talented Art Castonguay, subbing on drums again for this gig. Hope to see you all there!

The Honest Lawyer

A Night With Chris Labelle and Spillback is a night to remember. Check out the video, click here.

Imagine if you will, standing on a stage having people jockeying for position so that they could take pictures of you and your band! Last night it was flash madness at the Honest Lawyer! The place was packed.

Spillback featuring Laura McPherson on vocals was up first to get the crowd warmed up for Chris Labelle and that is exactly what they did. They really rocked the crowd and managed to get them clapping, hooting and hollering.

Chris then came on and the girls started to scream. Chris is definitely a performer and made the night a great experience.

Thanks to Chuck Beaulne for the video.

Chris Labelle CD Release Party

The above photo of the Spillback Studio is where rehearsals were being done in preparation for Spillback backing up Chris Labelle during his upcoming CD release party at the Honest Lawyer Ottawa on Tuesday Night, March 13, 2007. Spillback featuring Laura McPherson will also be opening the show. Show starts at 10:00pm after the Ottawa Hockey Game. Tickets are $8.00 each.

See you all there. It would be a fun show and we're sure you will all enjoy Chris' music. Check him out at Chris Labelle Myspace

On other band news, the Spillback duo composed of Kinnexa and Chito, performing as "FEARGAILL", will be doing a Celtic Gig at the original Royal Oak on Bank Street (near Somerset) on St. Patrick's Day, Saturday, March 17,2007. They will be performing from 5:00-9:00pm. See you all there!!

A Wedding Reception

The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome!

Talk about an adorable couple. Spillback felt so privilged to be able to witness two people who are obviously deeply in love exchanging their vows. The vows were written by the bride and groom and were so heartfelt I was nearly in tears.

The night started off with the Bride and Groom dancing to a Bryan Adams tune first in Spanish and then the band did the same song in English. The band played into the wee hours of the night and had a great time! The energy levels were nice and high and people were up dancing all the time. The band also had a special guest drummer for this gig. We want to thank Art for his wonderful drumming and you can see him in the gallery.

We had a birthday girl in the crowd so we played the birthday song for the first time. It turned out to be a lot of fun and she was surprised.

Thanks to the bride, the groom and the bride's parents for giving us the opportunity to share this moment with them.

Bobby's Bar

Bobby's Bar was an interesting gig. The place wasn't packed but the people who were there truly enjoyed themselves. There was even a person who heard us as they were walking by and came in!

We gave away a record number of t-shirts at Bobby's. We had one young, brave soldier flash his war wound ... man o man that war wound was scary! Of course it was on his bottom. We gave out 3 others to people who seemed to just really enjoy the band.

Thanks to all those that came out! You made the gig.

Barley Mow Revisited!

Well what can I say about this gig. Once again it was raining - nothing worse than having to slug gear around in the rain.

We had a great crowd with people even singing along! There was a table of country fans who loved us. Do we have more converts to Rock? Maybe we will see them soon at another gig.

There are a few pictures in the gallery under Barley Mow 2.

Gracies Gig!

We were at Grace O' Malley's Stittsvile on Nov 3. It was kind of nice to have a gig where we are home before 2 am!

The crowd was interesting as you can see from the pictures. The night ended up with guys dancing on the bar! Nothing like some good old fashion rock and roll to get things going. I'm also starting to wonder why people always get naked around the band.... oh well.

We had another birthday to celebrate in the crowd so we gave him a happy birthday and a Spillback t-shirt. I hope his birthday was fabulous.

I think everyone was a little hyped because they knew there was another gig the next night!

Halloween Party!!

Wow, didn't realize that it was going to be somewhat like a private party as we didn't know that Stan's Diner is usually closed on Saturdays. It was definitely a fun gig! Lots of dancing and costumes galore! I'm the first to admit that Fred Flinstone was kind of freaky - the eyes were in the wrong place! Just after the second act the great folks at Stan's brought out a bunch of finger foods. What a spread! They had sandwiches, fruit, veggies and cheese on top of the bowls of munchies that had been kept full on the tables all night. The dance floor had been decorated perfectly for Halloween with hay bails and corn stalks. They also had the most amazing carved pumpkins. Big thanks also goes to the staff at Stan's Diner. Once again the great folks at Stan's made everyone feel like part of the family! Service was great and the deco was awesome! Thanks again guys.

Another Night at Greenfields

Back to Greenfields! It was another evening of hard rocking and partying - you wouldn't believe the conversations I heard going on during the breaks. Makes you wonder what the band is doing to people's libidos.... Porno DVDs???

We had some special guests come out and listen to our tunes as well as members from a few other bands. No pressure at all *wink* To my friends who came out - it was so nice to be able to party with you! Special thanks to Claire (espband.blogspot.com), Mike from Tim's Myth (tims-myth.com) and Buck from Kablam (www.kablam.ca) for coming out. It was nice to see you guys again.

Stan's Diner Gig

What can I say about this gig other than wow! Stan's Diner is the one bar we have been in where we felt like part of the family. It's hard to believe that Stan's Diner started off as a chip wagon approximately 25 years ago (one of my friend said he remembered it from that far back but you would have to check the history pages to be sure it was that long ago) and has evolved into what it is today. We actually met Stan! He is a true gentleman.

The patrons welcomed us with open arms and seemed to really enjoy themselves. By the end of the evening the dance floor was packed. It seemed to end way too soon. The evening definitely wasn't work unless you count having fun as working.

We had two birthday stars that evening - Donna and Daryl. They even had a cake at the end of the evening which everyone was invited to sample. Talk about making people feel special!

Thanks again for the great evening and we are really looking forward to the Halloween bash on the 28th at the Diner. Hope to see everyone out - it'll be the place to be.
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