One Rainy Night at the Barley Mow

Wow! What a night! It poured rain all night, the patio was closed and it was the Saturday night of the last long weekend of the summer, but we still managed to get the Barley Mow Pub rockin! The outside air had a chill to it but inside things were hot. We had 2 beautiful women showing their stuff so they could proudly wear a Spillback t-shirt and people flirting with each other all night long.... As i said, it was a hot night inside.

Thanks to everyone who showed up - old friends, new friends and those who vaguely remember us. The crowd made the show and honestly I don't think I've ever seen dancing at the Barley Mow before. Thank you for making the night an evening of fun and we are hoping to see everyone on the 30th at Greenfields.

The Ottawa SuperEx

What a way to end our "long weekend". 2 gigs over the weekend, a day of rest and then we topped it off with a rockin set at the Ottawa SuperEx Pizza Pizza Stage.

Thanks to all the folks who showed up! We really appreciate it!

Check out this video.

Next stop is in 2 weeks at the Barley Mow.

What a rock and roll weekend!!

It was a great weekend! Lots of fun. Lots of great people around.

First at the Barley Mow, thanks to everyone who came out to see us. The same goes to the ones who were at the patio, most of who stayed until we finished the last set. Special thanks to friends from KaBlam and the ESP Band.

Then the Charity Volleyball Tourney was just a blast! The thundershowers which got some of our equipment wet, didn't stop people from dancing. I don't think I've played infront one of the most appreciative crowds I've ever seen. Thanks guys!

Next gig is at the Ottawa SuperEx Pizza Pizza Stage! Hope to see you all there.

Classic Rock Weekend @ The Barley Mow

Spillback and KaBlam in cooperation with The Barley Mow Pub is inviting everyone to a "Classic Rock Weekend" on August 18 and 19, at the Barley Mow Pub in Barrhaven. Spillback will be playing on Friday Night, Aug. 18 while KaBlam will be up on Saturday Night, Aug. 19.

Also, both bands will be playing at the Ottawa SuperEx Pizza Pizza Stage. KaBlam will be there on August 19, 5:30pm while Spillback plays on August 21, 7:00pm. Check out the schedule here Ottawa SuperEx Pizza Pizza Stage.

We're looking forward to see you there.

Greenfields Rocked!

Can You Dance All Night?

I thought the gig on the 8th would have me sleeping at the table (I was up at 5 am and worked all day) but once again the band kept me up on my feet dancing the whole night! Greenfields proved to be a great venue once a few little bugs were worked out with the sound. It was so good to see so many people enjoying the tunes. My favourite line from the night was "I haven't danced for over a year!" which came from one girl as she left the dance floor flushed and looking very happy. Unfortunately, I don't have photos from the gig because of a mess up on my part. My camera was set up incorrectly. We did give out a t-shirt to our number one fan who was kind enough to flash the band. The definitely deserved a t-shirt!

We discovered during the last band practice last Thursday that the newest member (you have to figure it out so check out the bios!) is a perfect fit for the group. He actually keeps Peter's ego in check! Oh wait, he keeps Peter's ego built up ... I think he will be a great addition and look forward to seeing him during our next gig. We also had Chuck come over and take some snaps. Those pictures should be up on the site shortly - they are amazing! Thanks Chuck.

Thanks to members of the band Kablam for coming out!! Check out their website at

Well I have to get going so I can get some snaps done of the rehearsal tonight.

August is looking into being a real busy month for Spillback - hopefully we will see you out!

Another Saturday Afternoon

Hi everyone! The one thing missing from this website is the news section so here it is - better late than never. We have been making some headway with getting some gigs. The next one will be at Greenfields in Barhaven and we have been busy getting the word out. There should be a nice eclectic mix of people all of whom enjoy rock music and the talents of Spillback. I know I'm really excited about this gig.

This afternoon was spent at the Bayou. Kinnexa was show casing her "stuff" and brought Chito along for the ride. While the drums and bass were missed the show was fantastic and well received. There are pictures sitting in the gallery so check it out.

Right this minute, the band is in rehearsal and sounding ready for the 8th so hopefully you will make it out. During this gig we will be giving out a t-shirt to our number one fan of the night. Will it be you?

Have a geat day everyone and check back regularly for updated news.


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